ACL 14-61: CalWORKs: Family Stabilization (FS) Program Guidance, Notices, And Request Form (9/2/14)

Additional guidance on the Family Stabilization (FS) program, a new request form, and notices.   A county may provide FS program participants with services, including housing assistance, for so long as they meet the CWD’s criteria for the FS program as set…

ACIN I-47-14: Revised Family Fee Schedule (8/13/14)

This Notice issues the revised family fee schedule for subsidized child care, effective July 1, 2014.  The revised fees will not exceed 10 percent of the family’s monthly income. [Download]

ACL 14-59: CalWORKs Domestic Abuse Waiver Policy Clarification (8/21/14)

Clarification of  domestic abuse program waivers criteria, and a review of noticing and safety protocols.  DSS has determined that there must be a linkage to Welfare to Work to get a DV waiver. This guidance supersedes ACIN I-02-06.  [Download]

ACIN I-46-14: Title XX Social Services Block Grant Pre-Expenditure Report (8/15/14)

This report summarizes Title XX expenditures, program responsibilities, and the population served.   The programs covered are Child Welfare Services, Foster Care, Community Care Licensing, Deaf Access, CalWORKs Child Care, CDE Child Care Programs, and the DDS Regional Center Program.  [Download]

ACIN I-42-14: The Approved Relative Caregiver Funding Option Program (8/1/14)

Introductory information regarding the Approved Relative Caregiver (ARC) Funding Option Program enacted by SB 855.  Relatives who care for a non-federally eligible child in foster care is not eligible to receive foster care payments.  Instead, the relatives can get CalWORKs payments.  The…


The latest info on SIPs, of note, including “structured education plans” that include a transfer to a 4 year college.  [Download]

ACIN I-37-14: (CalWORKs: Final Regulations To Implement AB 1712 And AB 212 Non-Minor Dependents (7/10/14)

Passing on the emergency regulations on Non-Minor Dependents (NMDs), as well as some CalWORKs changes. (The CalWORKs changes include exempting NMD’s from: Statewide Fingerprint Imaging System requirements; state residency requirement when placed with an approved relative who resides out-of-state;  referral to the local…

ACL 14-39: CalWORKs: COLA Increase To The Minimum Basic Standard Of Adequate Care Levels (6/12/14)

Announcing the increase of 2.17% in the need standard (not the grant).  Effective July 1, 2014. Includes the new charts by region, and the new income in kind valuations.  [Download]

ACL 14-30: CalWORKs :  Inter-County Transfer (ICT) Procedures, Revised CW 215 Form (5/2/14)

CDSS modified some Inter-County Transfer (ICT) processes, pursuant to AB 1612, and sent along a new ITC form to go with it.  The sending county is to send the application (SAWs 1 and 2) and the new county is not…

ACL 14-27: County TANF Program Work Participation Data Reporting (FFY 20014) (4/2/14)

Updated instructions on WPR reporting, including clarifications regarding holidays being in addition to excused absences, the updated activities definitions (including voc ed reporting), etc. “To help preserve months countable toward the vocational education federal 12-month limit when clients choose to utilize…