ACIN I-48-14: Ethnic Origin And Primary Language Report ABCD 350 For July 2014 (8/29/14)

A reminder to counties that it is time to turn in the annual Ethnic Origin and Language information. [Download]

ACL 13-103: Processing Consumer Requests For Referral To The CalFresh Or CalWORKs Programs Under The ACA (12/18/13)

Instructions on “interoperability” of the “horizontal integration” to facilitate processing consumer requests for a referral to the CalFresh or CalWORKs programs when they have applied for a health insurance affordability program. [Download]

ACL 13-96: CalWORKs And CalFresh: Revised SAWS Application Forms (12/11/13)

Revised public assistance application forms (and instructions for the counties) in preparation for the implementation of the Affordable Care Act January 1, 2014.  Includes new terms of art vocabulary!  (Interoperability and Horizontal Integration.) ACA required the development of a “streamlined, multi-program…

ACIN I-73-13: 2013 Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach Publications (12/2/13)

As we reach the end of the year…it’s time for EITC outreach! And here are the annual outreach materials. [Download]

ACIN I-47-13: Ethnic Origin And Primary Language Report ABCD 350 (8/28/13)

State nudge to counties to turn in their annual “ABCD 350″ so we all can see the language and ethnicities in the caseload. [Download]

ACL 13-40: State Hearings Division Procedures In Processing Expedited State Hearing Requests (5/20/13)

At long last, the state hearing instructions on how to get an expedited hearing, and what they cover, is given it’s own ACL for increased “finadability.”  (The letter had been on the state hearing website, but buried in the “About…

ACIN I-51-12: The Customs And Border Protection Automation Of The Arrival/Departure Record Form I-94 And The Effect On SAVE Program Requests (10/25/12)

Well, obviously the USICS should consult with DSS before making any changes to their process!  The Customs and Border Protection division recently automated the admission process. The automation creates an electronically-generated I-94 number which will not be known to the…

ACIN I-20-12: Annual County Training Plan – Fiscal Year 2012-13 (4/25/12)

Want money for staff training expenses? Reminder to put in the county training plan! [Download]  

ACIN I-77-11: 2011 Earned Income Tax Credit Outreach Publications (12/14/11)

Tax time is coming up, and in preparation, here are the latest EITC outreach documents. [Download]