ACL 14-53: IHSS Overpayment Recoveries (9/23/14)

Reviews the details of the “before and after” scenarios of Overpayment recoveries, now that counties no longer get a percentage of the recovered funds back into the county coffers. [Download]

ACL 14-64: CalWORKs Family Stabilization Program (FS) Quarterly Status Report (9/23/14)

Interested in what your county is doing with its Family Stabilization form? The new FSP 14 form will be used to track that information.  (The form is not yet posted on the forms site link provided…)  [Download]

ACIN I-56-14: FFY 2015 Resource Limit Adjustments And Increased Quality Control Tolerance Level For Small Errors – Effective October 1, 2014 (9/11/14)

The non-aged/disabled property limit was increased to $2,250; the aged/disabled remains at $3250. Given the Categorical Eligibility is applicable to all cases, this has no current impact on clients.  [Download]  

ACIN I-55-14: Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program Income Eligibility Standards And Allotments – Disaster Guidance Attachment – Effective October 1, 2014 (9/11/14)

Releasing the new D-Snap income and deduction tables. [Download]

ACL 14-66: State Utility Assistance Subsidy (SUAS) (9/19/14)

An explanation of the rules, including transitioning cases, from the “old” Heat and Eat program to the new one.  The SUAS program provides a means for CalFresh households to qualify for the SUA utility deduction. [Download]

ACL 14-63: Households Eligible For CalFresh, But Entitled To No Benefits (9/16/14)

Instructions on the treatment of households with three or more members who are categorically eligible (CE) to CalFresh, but whose net income would not entitle them to receive any benefits.   It is possible for the household to be gross income eligible,…

ACL 14-58: CalWORKs): Five Percent Increase To The Maximum Aid Payment (MAP) Levels (9/22/14)

Information about the 5% increase to the CalWORKs Maximum Aid Payment, effective April 1, 2015.  This policy change must be automated into the consortia systems by the effective date. If the MAP increase cannot be modified, CWDs must put a…

ACL 14-55: Termination Of State Funding For Supplemental Security Income Advocacy Programs (SSIAP) For Cash Assistance For Immigrants (CAPI) (9/10/14)

Announcing the demise of state funding reimbursement for SSI advocacy for CAPI folks to transition to SSI.  The funding was set to expire years ago, and was repeatedly extended, and intended to cover immigrants of age 65 or older, who entered…

ACL 14-61: CalWORKs: Family Stabilization (FS) Program Guidance, Notices, And Request Form (9/2/14)

Additional guidance on the Family Stabilization (FS) program, a new request form, and notices.   A county may provide FS program participants with services, including housing assistance, for so long as they meet the CWD’s criteria for the FS program as set…

ACL 14-62: Commercially Sexually Exploited Children (CSEC) Program 99/3/14)

This letter passes on information regarding SB 855, which clarified that commercially sexually exploited children (CSEC) whose parents or guardians failed or were unable to protect them may fall within the description of 300(b) and be adjudged as dependents of the…