DHCS MEDIL I 14-30: Denying Pending Applications Originating Through the CalHEERS Access Channel (5/22/14)

A previous letter directed counties to deny pending SAWS Medi-Cal applications after completing an ex parte review and making two 10-day requests for income verification.  A third 10-day request was required when the prior requests were sent before March 15, 2014.  Counties were directed to use the appropriate SAWS denial Notice of Action for failure to cooperate.

This letter from DHCS instructs counties to use the same procedures for applications that originated in CalHEERS.  The third 10-day request for income verification is required if an ex parte review was completed and two 10-day requests were sent prior to May 22, 2014.  After that date, only two such requests are required prior to denying the application for failure to provide income verification.  Counties will contact SAWS for denial instructions until CalHEERS functionality is implemented.