DHCS ACWDL 14-27: Additional Express Lane Enrollment Guidance (6/16/14)

This letter clarifies questions about the CalFresh Express Lane Enrollment procedures for Medi-Cal, particularly about aid code 7S (those individuals eligible for Medi-Cal under pre-ACA rules).

  • Parents, guardians and caretakers relatives are to be put in aid code 7S as opposed to aid code 7U. These individuals will be eligible even if a child is not on CalFresh or Medi-Cal; the children only have to meet the age and residence requirements.
  • DHCS will transfer Medicare beneficiaries in Express Lane aid codes to aid code 7S.
  • Those who are found ineligible for CalFresh will be sent RFTHIs to determine Medi-Cal eligibility.

Additionally, the letter discusses discontinuance NOAs for Express Lane beneficiaries upon change of circumstances or expiration.  NOAs will be generated by SAWS, and beneficiaries will be referred for APTC/CSR determinations with a special enrollment period.

Finally, Express Lane enrolled individuals are eligible for retroactive months of coverage up to February 2014.  For determination of months before February, individuals will need to submit a RFTHI (for January 2014) or a full pre-ACA application (for December 2013 and before).