DHCS ACWDL 14-24: State Inmate Pre-Release Medi-Cal Application Process (5/6/14)

DHCS released an all-county letter to clarify how to handle Medi-Cal applications from pre-release state inmates.  The full letter is available here.

CDCR pre-release staff is to identify potential Medi-Cal eligible inmates nearing parole and offer assistance with applying for Medi-Cal prior to release. Since January 2014, CDCR had done this through paper applications submitted directly to Covered California.

To ensure that applications do not get lost, CDCR will submit pre-release applications to specific county points of contact 60-90 days prior to inmate’s release. Counties will accept the applications and enter the inmate’s information into SAWS, which will run the case through CalHEERS BRE for MAGI. Counties will take necessary steps to complete the eligibility determination. Finally, pre-release applicants will be provided with their county’s eligibility worker’s contact along with a BIC.