ACL 14-30: CalWORKs :  Inter-County Transfer (ICT) Procedures, Revised CW 215 Form (5/2/14)

CDSS modified some Inter-County Transfer (ICT) processes, pursuant to AB 1612, and sent along a new ITC form to go with it.  The sending county is to send the application (SAWs 1 and 2) and the new county is not to require the individual to reapply, unless the change in circumstances is such that a determination of continuing eligibility cannot be made without it. Rather, the new county is to just seek updated information.  The ICT does not result in the change of the redetermination/renewal process.  If a family moves out of the county during either of the last two months of the
redetermination/recertification period, the sending county and receiving county will need to complete the redetermination/recertification in sufficient time to avoid its expiration during the ICT process. The sending county may complete the redetermination/recertification and then transfer the case to the receiving county, or the receiving county may complete it  [Download]