ACIN I-31-14: Release Of The Statewide Report Of County Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement Activities In The IHSS For Fiscal Year 2012/13 (6/11/14)

SB 1104 required CDSS and county welfare departments to establish a dedicated QA function to conduct routine scheduled reviews of IHSS cases. This report is the first out after conducting the review. 17,621 case reviews, resulting in about 10 percent of QA case reviews resulted in a change in authorized service hours. Not listed in the executive summary is the discovery that 4% of the cases referred for fraud follow up were being underpaid. Overall, although there was a high level of achievement, not all counties did all required reviews, and data was inconsistent, and the review demonstrated that there needs to be improvements in QA data forms, instructions and training.  The review (with the revised forms) does seem to detect “critical incidents” where an IHSS recipient may be at risk. [Download]