DHCS ACWDL 14-15: Processing Change of Circumstances Redeterminations for Pre-Affordable Care Act (ACA) Medi-Cal Beneficiaries (3/28/14)

As of 3/24/14, CalHEERS is able to process change of circumstance redeterminations.  This letter directs counties to proceed with converting old potential MAGI-linked cases to MAGI cases using the instructions contained therein.  This is not to affect existing pre-ACA cases until their 2014 annual redetermination.

If a pre-ACA case submits a change of circumstance, the county will request additional tax household information and process for MAGI eligibility through CalHEERS.  If MAGI-eligible, the county will review the determination for potential negative action (e.g., ineligibility, share of cost, restricted scope of benefits) before approving for MAGI Medi-Cal.

The letter also presents a list of new Medi-Cal aid codes and their corresponding pre-MAGI codes.