ACL 14-28: Expansion Of The Definition Of Relative For The Federal KIN-GAP Program (3/25/14)

Instructions on the implementation of the expanded definition of “relative” for the federal KinGAP program. (No change to the state-funded KinGAP).  In addition to the traditionally defined relatives, California can now provide federal KinGAP to “fictive” relatives. These are: non-related extended family members; adult members of the child’s tribe or an Indian custodian, and a current foster parent who has established a family-like relationship with the child and who enters into an agreement to be a permanent connection for the child.  These new definitions cannot be retroactive to the period prior to federal approval, even though the state law exercising the state optional expansion passed in 2013.  All the other eligibility rules that apply to KinGAP must be met. [Download]