ACL 14-04: CalWORKs: Cash Aid And Pregnancy Special Needs (PSN) For Pregnant Women With No Other Eligible Child (1/14/14)

This letter is the implementing instructions for AB 1640, which expanded eligibility for CalWORKs aid for pregnant women with no other eligible children, beginning January 1, 2013.  Prior to AB 1640, the only pregnant women without other eligible children who could get CalWORKs were women in their last trimester, or a pregnant teen through CalLEARN.  AB 1640 provides eligibility for CalWORKs cash aid and the $47 PSN upon verification of pregnancy, for teens 18 and younger, you are not in CaLEARN (i.e. already graduated high school or got their GED).  Once a pregnant teen is added through AB 1640, they remain eligible based on the pregnancy until they become financially ineligible or the pregnancy ends. This is true even if the pregnant teen reaches her 18th birthday prior to her third trimester.

Since the implementation is over a year late, CWDs must implement the new rule immediately.  Counties must also review cases at intake, redetermination, and during processing of the SAR 7 to identify clients who may have been eligible for expanded eligibility (e.g. additional CalWORKs aid payments and PSN payments from the date of pregnancy verification). Upon determining that a client would have been eligible to receive cash aid and PSN, the CWD shall provide a supplemental payment.  The CWDs are prohibited from retroactively counting the 24-month clock, unless the teen was offered the full WTW opportunities and services. Clients who receive the retroactive supplement payment shall be granted good cause from WTW participation for the period between the client meeting AB 1640 eligibility requirements and when regular CalWORKs was actually granted in the third trimester, if applicable.  Includes a time limit chart on when/whether the 24 and 48 month clocks are running.   [Download]