ACL 14-02: Coordinated Care Initiative–Certification Requirements For Agencies To Contract With A Managed Care Health Plan For The Provision Of IHSS (1/22/14)

Info on how to become certified by CDSS as a Qualified Agency to be able to contract. Qualified Agencies may provide IHSS to recipient who: 1) have been determined to be unable to function as the employer of the provider due to dementia, cognitive impairment, or other similar issues; 2) have been identified to need services under contract mode by the care coordination team ; or 3) are unable to retain a provider due to geographical isolation and distance, authorized hours, or other reasons. When a recipient who is severely impaired, is referred to a Qualified Agency, the Qualified Agency may provide emergency backup services, as needed, when a provider is unavailable due to vacation, illness, or other extraordinary circumstances, or the recipient is in the process of hiring or replacing a provider.  [Download]