ACIN I-01-14: CalWORKs) and CalFresh: New “Reminder Letter” For Clients Who Submit An Incomplete SAR 7 (1/17/14)

This ACIN transmits a new “reminder letter” for the CalWORKs and CalFresh programs. Client currently get an “X” or “Y” (NA 960) notices if they do not turn in their SAR 7 by the 11th of the month, or the SAR 7 is not complete.  If, after receiving the X or Y notice the client submits a SAR 7 that is incomplete, CWDs are not required to issue another NOA. However, absent another NOA, the client is likely to think they complied with the original NA 960 X or NA 960 Y and that the discontinuance action will be rescinded.  The new reminder letter, the SAR 90, informs clients that the SAR 7 they submitted is still not complete and to provide clients another opportunity to submit a complete SAR 7 to avoid discontinuance of their cash aid and/or CalFresh benefits.  The SAR 90 must specify what questions need to be answered or what verification needs to be provided for the SAR 7 to be complete.  The NOA does not grant a new 90 day appeal period, but does state that the person may still appeal based on the original notice date.   [Download]